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Sometimes, we have been spending hours to read hundreds of consumer reviews of products from the online shopping stores. If the reviews are generally positive, we buy the vacuum. On this way, another item has attracted our attention, so we bought BLACK+DECKER BDASL202 AIRSWIVEL Ultra Light Weight Upright Vacuum Cleaner. According to our detailed and long time usage of this one of the best upright vacuums, here is the BLACK+DECKER BDASL202 AIRSWIVEL Upright VacuumReview.

BLACK+DECKER BDASL202 AIRSWIVEL Upright Vacuum ReviewCheck Price at Walmart

Usage Experience

We adore this vacuum. Better believe it’s a vacuum cleaner, yet vacuuming can be such a problem relying upon what you’re utilizing. Tipping the scales at 8.8lbs, it’s ultralight, and don’t let that stress you over it’s capacity since man this one is ground-breaking! We live near the shoreline; sand is a consistent issue in our home. The vacuum we’ve been utilizing simply wasn’t doing it’s activity. We did some exploration and arrived with this one. It was conveyed in 2 days. The main thing I couldn’t have cared less for was that it was just in it’s unique box, not over in a transportation box.

The UPS man said he was discussing abandoning it or not on the off chance that I wasn’t home because of it’s powerlessness. Super simple to assemble, take out the soil glass, embed the habdle, put one fasten, reinsert earth container and you’re good to go. I had quite recently vacuumed 3 days prior, utilizing this vacuum the earth glass was half full, just doing my family room – it grabbed all the sand in my cover. Moreover, I am past upbeat. I neglected to specify that it accompanies a trade belt for when/in the event that you require it not far off.

BLACK+DECKER BDASL202 AIRSWIVEL Upright Vacuum (Walmart)


BLACK+DECKER BDASL202 AIRSWIVEL Ultra Light Weight Upright Vacuum Cleaner reviewThe Airswivel arrangement upright vacuum offers the best an incentive in its class. Dissimilar to customary vacuums which normally require two separate engines to oblige swivel usefulness, the licensed Airswivel Technology just needs one engine, taking into account most extreme mobility. At 8.8 pounds, the Airswivel offers premium usefulness for easy cleaning at a reasonable cost.

  • Ultra-lightweight at 8.8 pounds for simple cleaning.
  • Swivel directing for extreme mobility.
  • Large residue glass limit at 2 liters.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Washable froth channels.
  • Easy to purge dust container.
  • Suitable for both cover and hard floors.
  • Clear view spout window.


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